Motorola To Launch Moto G6 Series In India, But…

Moto G6 Lineup Unveiled With 18:9 Display And More

Back in April this year, Motorola unveiled its G6 series of smartphones and later went out on sales in Brazil and Mexico. All three devices are exceptionally good but the Moto G6 Plus is most attractive amongst all three. Every country where Motorola sells their smartphones hoped that this smartphone should arrive in their native country. Talking about one of the most competitive and huge smartphone market India, everyone is expecting that Moto G6 Plus will definitely launch, because other two phones can’t compete in the most competitive mid-range market in the country. But it looks like Motorola has different plan.

Motorola India has announced on their social networking handles about their new smartphone launch. In this teaser post, the caption mentions that Moto G6 and Moto G6 play are launching in India. A notify page is released on their website for both these smartphones. The teaser just reveals the back side of Moto G6 smartphone and a message, or marketing message that both these phones are design in a way which makes them suitable for every type of usage like gaming, movie buff, artist, photography, etc. Nothing else is reveal. But if we believe in this teaser, the most anticipated smartphone of this year’s G series, Moto G6 Plus, is not making its entry in the Indian market as of now. Maybe they will launch a separate teaser for that device. Fingers Crossed!!!

So that’s all the information we have as of now. As the teaser is being released, Motorola won’t take much time to launch both these devices. But I highly doubt that the Moto G6 will be able to compete with smartphones like Redmi Note 5 Pro, Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1, and recently announced RealMe 1 smartphone. Because the pricing will be similar to these smartphones but the specs are not. Well, what is your guessing on the pricing of both these devices in India? Also, do you think that Motorola will launch Moto G6 Plus in near future? Do let us know in the comment section below. Also, stay tuned with us for more information.