Next to WannaCry, Its BlueBorne targeting Bluetooth Connected devices

Next to WannaCry, Its BlueBorne targeting Bluetooth Connected devices

Computer engineers and IT fields still get afraid of the name WannaCry which is spread across the globe earlier this year. Now Bluetooth connected devices are at risk because of BlueBorne, ariseda new zero-day exploit.



BlueBorne is a new arisen for Bluetooth connected devices. The BlueBorne infects the device silently by simply tethering data from the devices.The Exploit allows hackers to execute the plan and attacks your system without even user noticing it. Researchers from Armis Labs found that these exploits were capable of creating Bonets and directly installs Ransomware.


But Apple devices running on iOS 10 or above and updated windows devices are safe and other unpatched devices are vulnerable as long as Bluetooth is in the active condition.There are exploits developed recently to explore devices and gather information illegally. Government and other private security resources are involving in this issue to patch each and every devices but somehow new types of ransomware arises each month depending upon the need.Reports suggest that nearly 5.3billion of the Bluetooth connected devices are vulnerable to BlueBorne exploit.



Technology develops in a range where the anti social bodies also get access to improvised technology to hack or gather information illegally. Security patches resist these kinds of activities but how many years these exploits got to threaten us? When will the Anti social bodies be completely blocked from gathering information from users account or device?


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Source: CNET