Now You Will Be Notified When Someone Take Screenshot Of Your Instagram Stories

Now You Will Be Notified When Someone Take Screenshot Of Your Instagram Stories

Late in last month, we updated that the developers of Facebook-owned Instagram were testing a feature which will notify when someone captures a screenshot of your Instagram Stories. Now today the feature is arriving officially on the app, with this feature the Stories section is now even more sharpened. As we know the Stories section has received a ton of new features in recent time.

Coming to the latest feature, getting a notification when someone takes a screenshot or record your Instagram Stories will be really handy. As we know till now we aren’t able to know that who are taking your Stories, with the introduction of this new feature we can at least understand who is capturing.

Now when someone captures a screenshot of a Story or screen record it for the first time, then the app will warn by showing a pop-up message which reads as “Next time you take a screenshot or screen recording, the person who posted the story will be able to see“. And if the user repeats this for the second time, then there won’t be any warning message and the person who posted the Story will be notified directly.

How will be the notification?

When you get the notification about capturing of your story, you will able to see a sun-like symbol right next to the person’s name who took the screenshot or screen record of your story and this will be visible in the story views section.

The developers of the app are rolling out the new update slowly and we hope that it will hit on everybody’s device within two weeks of time.

I should appreciate the developers of Instagram to rolling out this kind of feature because in this way we can understand who is capturing our personal moments, and we can block them. Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!


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