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Qualcomm, ZTE and China Mobile successfully tested World’s First 5G NR based on 3GPP

Tech Giants like Qualcomm, ZTE, and China Mobile announced the Successful testing of the World’s First 5G New Radio(NR) system which is based on 3rd Generation Partnership Project which is termed as 3GPP.



This is the official report of world’s first 5G trial with the specially designed equipment that can transmit data using the framework with 3GPP’s Standard.This testing is made possible by means of end-to-end 5G NR system which is capable of transmitting higher data rates (let’s say >1 Gbps) at low air interface latency than the existing 4G networks. Its latency is reported as sub 4ms latency which is around 20ms for existing LTE networks.

“China Mobile has been committed to promoting the unified global standard with industry partners. The achievement of end-to-end 5G NR interoperable connection testing, compliant with the 3GPP 5G NR standard, is an important milestone of 5G to productization and pre-commercialization from standard” said Li Zhengmao, Vice President of China Mobile Communications Corporation.



This testing was conducted at China Mobile’s 5G joint Innovation centre with Hi-tech data transmitting equipment. The innovation team along with the partners is ready to show their achievements at the China Mobile Global Partner conference on Nov 23.

We were looking at each “G” technology almost two decades to currently available 4G( LTE or VoLTE) support. Evolving technology on Smartphones also makes way for connectivity. The evolution of data connectivity is Modern days is massive. We are near to the next generation technology and expected to have a glance soon by the end of 2018.


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Via: Android Authority

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