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Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone display privately unveiled at CES 2018

A few days ago worlds biggest tech event CES 2018 had concluded, many techs were talked about and are being eagerly awaited by us to try them out. According to the reports, Samsung had a foldable smartphone project under its wrap. A select group of VIPs was reportedly shown the company’s prototype with a Foldable display at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The smartphone reportedly has a 7.3-inch OLED display that can be folded inward at a curvature of 0.1mm and outward at a curvature of 0.5 mm. The engineering required to make the display bend outward is said to have been more complex and time-consuming than the inward bend. Samsung Display, the company’s panel-producing sub-division, has been bending the display a dozen times a day to ensure that it can withstand as many as 200,000 folds, but it was apparently worth the effort. The Samsung’s prototype can almost fold like paper at a curvature of 0.1 mm.Foldable DisplaySamsung Display is open to selling this technology to other clients besides Samsung Electronics, meaning that we might see foldable devices from a variety of OEMs in the future. “While Samsung was strict about who it was going to show foldable smartphones to at MWC 2017, it selected wide various customers at CES 2018 in order to observe reactions from various customers,” a source said.

We have seen multiple patent filings by the company in the recent past leading up to the launch. During the Galaxy S8 launch last year, Samsung Mobile’s head DJ Koh said the company was aiming to develop a foldable phone under its Galaxy Note series as early as 2018.

Samsung is known for its new display tech, as the company has perfected OLED displays over several years to such an extent that Apple chose it to supply the iPhone X’s screen, the first OLED screen in iPhone history. Considering Samsung’s proven track record at mass-producing new display tech, it seems plausible that the electronics giant can deliver on a foldable, flexible smartphone.

Samsung launched a flurry of smart electronic devices including a 168-inch 4K television, smart appliances and more. The company also confirmed the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 will be launched at MWC 2018 in February in Barcelona.


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Source: ET News  Via: The Investor

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