Google Maps Gets Local Bus Schedule, Live Train Status And More In India

“Sharing battery status via Google Maps”, Google is getting smarter

Google Maps now updated with sharing user mobile battery life along with Locations. which lets your friend about your smartphone is running out of Juice.


When you are on a road trip, you share your location top your most loved one on the Go. Suddenly you’ll not be able to contact them or communicate through any medium when your mobile lost all its Juice and they get nervous about you. Did this happen to you? Google understands you and updated the Google Maps with a unique feature which also shares your mobile battery status along with the location to your friend.

This is not a simple update nor a small problem. this serious issue could lead to intensive stress on the other issue when they are unable to contact you. In that situations, recipients will view those stats within the Google  Maps or in any web browser. To keep them fewer worries and make the tour trouble-free, this new update will bring a smile to your loved one.  The update is rolled out globally for both Android and iOS. Keep caring:)

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