Soon Google Pixelbook May Run Windows 10

Meet the Google Pixelbook, here's everything you need to know

The Pixelbook is Google’s answer for the laptop industry, as it is the product of Google that’s why it runs with the Chrome OS. However, soon things will be changed as today we got a report which suggests that the Google Pixelbook will run the popular Windows 10 operating system.

Thanks to the guys at XDA Developers, as they spotted commits in the Chromium codebases, and the code suggests that the search engine giant Google is testing the Pixelbook with the Windows Hardware Certification Kit (WHCK) and Hardware Lab Kit (HLK). Moreover, there are also specific mentions for the HLK in association with “Eve-Campfire.” Eve is the Pixelbook’s development codename.

Well, the WHCK explain itself, the tech giant Microsoft uses the HLK as part of its Hardware Compatibility Program and it certifies hardware can ship with Windows, and these are steps which every manufacturer follows. Right now we don’t have any other kind of information about the Windows 10 powered Pixelbook. We believe to know more things about the same in coming days, and personally speaking, it will be really great to see that Pixelbook may come with Windows 10 and this will also attract more people to buy the Google’s laptop.