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SoundMagic ES18S In-ear Earphones Review: Is This Oldy Still In Competition??

As the time is passing by, we have seen a drastic change in the smartphone industry. For example, if we compare 2015’s flagship phone with 2017’s flagship phone, they are changed drastically. But is this the same with earphones? We have reviewed the JBL T100A earphones which were a pretty good pair. Recently we also reviewed Audio Technica Ath Clr 100 which is newer as compared to the JBL one, but they can’t outperform the quality of JBL T100A.

Today we are here with another review of old earphones, “SoundMagic ES18S”. Its non-microphone variant ‘ES18’ is older than this microphone variant. And except microphone, there’s no difference between both the earphones. We bought ES18S because the older ES18 is not in stock now and the microphone is indeed a plus point. So we tested this earphone for almost 15 days to check if this much older earphone can compete with JBl T100A and Audio Technica Ath Clr 100 or not? So let’s get started.

  • In-Box Content:

SoundMagic ES18S In-ear Earphones Review

The earphone comes in a very nice cardboard box. In the box we get the pair of SoundMagic ES18S, 3 pairs of earbuds (S,M,L), some documentation, and a carrying pouch. The pouch is made with good quality Rexine material which gives the feel of soft leather, which gives a good protection to the earphone while traveling. In-short, the packaging is very nice and giving a carrying pouch at this price point is definitely a plus point.

  • Built Quality:


The built quality of this earphone is really good. The bullet type earphones are made from a high quality but lightweight plastic. The wires are extremely rugged and it can’t be broken easily. The wire don’t tangle much and if they tangle, it’s very easy to patch it up. The wire is not flat type, but surely it can compete with other flat type wires easily. It has an angular gold plated 3.5mm jack which is connected to the wires with a rubberized coating. I would say that overall this earphone is built better than JBL T100A, & ofcource Audio Technica Ath Clr 100. In-short, the built is excellent.


  • Sound Quality:

So here’s the most important point while checking out any earphone, the Sound Quality. And there I would say that these earphones sounds pretty well. But I would strictly recommend to burn-in the earphone for at least one night, otherwise the earphone will produce very muffled sound. But after burn-in, the sound is amazing, but not the best. The mids are a bit on the lower side which sometimes makes the experience a bit poor. But the lows & highs are pretty good, no problem here. It had adequate bass that’s neither too low nor too high, but it’s present and balanced very well. The sound purity is also very good, you can hear good amount of details. The sound quality via the microphone is also pretty good, the listener didn’t noticed any issues with that. In-short, the SoundMagic ES18S amazed me in terms of sound quality.


  • Comfort:

This one is also one of the most important factor for checking out the earphones, the Comfort. And I would say that these earphones has done a very good job in terms of comfort level. This earphone fits pretty well in the ears and the earphone is very lightweight, so there’s no pain while listening music for hours. The earphones are also very lightweight. Though you should 1st try all the available earbuds before judging the comfort level, and I would recommend this for every earphone. In-short, the earphones are one of the most comfortable earphones I ever used.


  • Final Verdict:

Now we are at the end of this review, and it’s time to decide whether it is value for you or not? Talking about the pros & cons the packaging & in-box content is very good. The built quality is the best in this price range, & I would prefer good quality plastic over bad quality metal. The sound signature is also good, not best but good enough. And the comfort level is also very good. In-short, the number of pros are very high as compared to the number of cons.

So is this earphone good for you? I would say if you don’t need heavy bass and you are not an audio freak you observe the audio in details, then surely go for these earphones. I am quite sure you will not regret purchasing this earphone. The alternative earphone is JBL T100A but that’s mostly out of stock now, or priced higher than these. Overall these are value for money earphones by SoundMagic. This earphone is available on various e-commerce websites like Flipkart and Amazon, it’s also available at certified retail outlets.

So this is my experience with SoundMagic ES18S in-ear earphones. If you own this earphone, what’s your experience? Is it the same as mine or there are some differences? Do let me know in the comments below. Also stay tuned with us for more information.


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  • Nice built quality
  • Sound quality is good
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Good Mic


  • Mid tones are low
  • Not too much bass

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