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TechnoBugg’s Weekly Round-up

Welcome everyone to this week’s Weekly Round-up. In this series of Weekly Round-up, we will showcase Top 5 trending news of this week as well as 2 mentioned news which is very interesting but can’t make their way to the Top 5 list. This week is trending for OnePlus, Google, & more. So, let’s have a look at this week’s Top 5 trending news.


1. OnePlus Launched Star Wars Limited Edition OnePlus 5T Smartphone:

This week, the only smartphone that’s launched is the limited edition OnePlus 5T. OnePlus launched this limited edition smartphone in India, partnered by Star Wars which don’t need any introduction. They launched this phone in their old Sandstone White finish, with black glass on front as usual. The alert slider has a red accent which perfectly matches the Star War colour scheme. There’s also a Star Wars logo embedded on the back. Rest all the specs are exactly same as OnePlus 5T. It comes in a special package with a free Star Wars exclusive case & stickers. This phone is on sale in India from 15th December and is priced at INR 38,999 /- for 8GB+128GB variant. There’s no 6GB+64GB variant for this Edition. It’s as usual available on Amazon India.


2. Google Assistant On Android Tablets & More Smartphones:

Over the time, Google is expanding the reach of it’s virtual assistant service in smartphones i.e. Google Assistant. As of now it’s available on Android smartphones running 6.0 marshmallow or above, Latest Pixelbook, & some iOS devices. Now this week Google has expanded their Assistant service to Android tablets running Android 6.0 & above, and to smartphones running Android 5.0 lollipop. It’s a great move because Android lollipop is still used by a lot of people out there. And there are a good percentage of Android tablet users around the Globe, who still trusts on Android tablets. Assistant for tablets will roll-out to USA as of now, and Assistant for lollipop devices will roll-out to some other countries as well. For detailed coverage on this news Click Here.


3. Motorola Launched New MotoMods in India:


We all know that Motorola is dedicated for their portable Mod technology which they launch back in mid 2016. Now this week they launched 3 new MotoMods in India. These MotoMods works on their Moto Z line-up. Those three mods are : TurboPower Pack Mod, JBl SoundBoost 2 Mod, and GamePad Mod. The JBL & TurboPower Mods are the successor to last year’s Mods, while the GamePad Mod is completely new. All these Mods were unveiled during MWC earlier this year, so it’s pretty late for the Indian market. But there’s also a point that the sales of these Mods in Indian market are very low, as these are very expensive in India. For detailed coverage on this news Click Here.


4. Google To Shut-down Project Tango:

Back in 2014, Google unveiled their Project Tango that’s based on Augmented Reality technology. In 2016 Lenovo commercially launched 1st Project Tango powered smartphone ‘Lenovo Phab 2 Pro’. Now, this week they announced that they are going to shut-down the project Tango. The simple reason behind this is their new Project ‘ARCore’. This new ARCore technology will enable AR functionality in any smartphone, without any special hardware requirement, whereas Tango requires special hardware to work. Google is seeing more potential in ARCore. For detailed coverage on this news Click Here.


5. Instagram Launched New Feature Of Following #Hashtags:


Many people use many hashtags in their daily routine on social networking sites. If they want to follow any hashtag, they have to click on that hashtag and then they can see all posts related to the same. Now Instagram has launched a new feature in which we can follow any hashtags we want. This will bring all posts using the same hashtag in our Instagram feed, along with other posts. This is a very useful & unique feature by Instagram, as many people want to know more about the following with an ease. For detailed coverage on this news Click Here.



Two Mentioned News Of This Week :


1. Facebook Introduces Snooze Button To Get Rid Of Your Annoying Friend.

2. Microsoft Launched Azure Stack For India.



So these are the Top 5 Trending News of the week and 2 mentioned news as well. This Weekly Round-up will happen on every Sunday. So Stay tuned to us for more information.


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