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TechnoBugg’s Weekly Round-up

Welcome everyone to first Weekly Round-up. In this series of Weekly Round-up, we will showcase Top 5 trending news of this week as well as 2 mentioned news which is very interesting but can’t make their way to the Top 5 list. This week is trending for Xiaomi, Google, & more. So, let’s have a look at this week’s Top 5 trending news.


1. Xiaomi Redmi 5 Launched In India:

The Next Budget Smartphone From Xiaomi Is Here

After the storm of Redmi Note 5 and Redmi Note 5 Pro, Xiaomi is here with yet another smartphone to launch in India i.e. Redmi 5. Well it’s sort of a smaller version of Redmi Note 5 with some changes here & there. In simple words it should be called as compact sized Redmi Note 5. It sports some really interesting and new features as compared to it’s predecessor. First is the latest 5.7 inch 18:9 display which makes it small. Even though it’s not as compact as Redmi 4, the 18:9 really makes some difference here. Also the processor used here is the latest Snapdragon 450 processor which is not seen yet in this price range. I would say apart from these two changes, the phone is similar or even downgrade to Redmi 4 somewhere. But overall it’s a beast in it’s price. For detailed coverage on this news Click Here.


2. OPPO F7 Teased Ahead Of India Launch:

OPPO F7 Teased Ahead Of India Launch

So we all are smelling the upcoming trend in smartphone industry i.e. the iPhone X like Notch. Seems like people are liking this notch design very much as few other OEMs also implemented this design on their phones. Now seems like another company is heading towards this trend, and that OEM is none other than OPPO. Well, the Chinese smartphone giant is going to launch a new smartphone in India on 23rd of March i.e. OPPO F7. They teased out some images and specs of this device, which clearly shows us that notch design within it. The notch is looking smaller than iPhone X, well that’s sure because it doesn’t have all those hardware for face unlock and animojis. But we are expecting both features to come on this phone. For detailed coverage on this news Click Here.


3. Google Rebrands Android Wear As Wear OS:

Google Rebrands Android Wear As Wear OS

Recently, the Mountain View company rebranded its Google Wallet to Android Pay, and I loved the change because now it is more sensible and attractive. Well, now the company has rebranded its yet another service, and this time they changed the Android Wear as Wear OS. The rebranding news is not a surprising one because we are hearing about this change from sometime and now the company has made it official. Google might have done this to make some hype about the Android smartwatch industry, which is not noticed much since past few years. Also, there are chances that Google will revamp the design and other aspects of this Wear OS, but as of now, there isn’t any change available in the OS. For detailed coverage on this news Click Here.


4. Google Assistant Can Now Understand Hindi:

Google Assistant Can Now Understand Hindi

The digital assistant of Google unveiled in 2016 along with the first generation pixel devices and other hardware products, since it unveiled the assistant improved a lot and it was available in many languages such as Italian, German, French, (of course) English and many more. Well, now the search engine giant Google provides support for the Hindi language in the Google Assistant. The Google Assistant was able to understand the Hindi language, but it did not reply in Hindi. But with the latest update, it can understand and can also provide replies in the Hindi language. As of now, I think that this Hindi Assistant is not as much good as the English one, but with time the Hindi version will improve too. For detailed coverage on this news Click Here.


5. Aadhaar Linking Deadline Now Postponed:

Don't Rush To Link Aadhaar; As The Deadline Extended

Back in last year, the honourable Supreme Court extended the deadline of Aadhaar linking to 31 March 2018. And we are getting messages from the bank and the telecom operators regarding the re-verification with the Aadhaar, and if you didn’t link your Aadhaar with mobile, and bank then don’t rush to do. As the deadline of linking Aadhaar has been extended, which means now you can use services without the worry of re-verification. The honourable Supreme Court has extended the deadline of Aadhaar linking, and the next deadline hasn’t announced. Well, I guess they have done a writing thing by extending the date because still there are a lot of people who didn’t link their Aadhaar number. So it would be beneficial for them. For detailed coverage on this news Click Here.


Two Mentioned News Of This Week:


So these are the Top 5 Trending News of the week and 2 mentioned news as well. This Weekly Round-up happens on every Sunday. So Stay tuned with us for more information.


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