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TechnoBugg’s Weekly Round-up

Welcome everyone to this week’s Weekly Round-up of TechnoBugg. In this series of Weekly Round-up, we will showcase Top 5 trending news of this week as well as 2 mentioned news which is very interesting but can’t make their way to the Top 5 list. This week is trending for OnePlus, Honor, & more. So, let’s have a look at this week’s Top 5 trending news.

1. OnePlus is Now The Leader of Indian Smartphone Market:

It’s been just four years for OnePlus to enter in the Indian smartphone market, and OnePlus is today listed amongst the top brands in terms if premium smartphones. Whenever someone decides to buy a premium smartphone, OnePlus’s name comes among company’s like Apple and Samsung. This week OnePlus achieved another milestone as it is now the biggest premium smartphone company in India. Now OnePlus has most number of market share beating tier 1 brands like Samsung and even Apple. It’s really a never seen before milestone by any mobile manufacturer to achieve this position in a competitive market like India where Apple and Samsung has their monopoly. For detailed coverage on this news Click Here.

2. OnePlus 3/3T Will Get Android P Update:

As we all know that OnePlus is now leading in the premium smartphone market in India, and the major reason for this is their support towards the users and taking user feedback seriously. Also, they don’t forget their older devices. And this week OnePlus shown us another example by announcing that both OnePlus 3/3T will get the latest version of Android i.e. Android P. OnePlus announced in their forum that instead of giving Android 8.1 update which won’t give any major difference to Android 8.0, they will directly provide Android P update to the devices so that they can get more features. With this, the OnePlus 3/3Tswill get total of 3 major Android updates, which is equivalent to Google’s Pixel devices. For detailed coverage on this news Click Here.

3. Motorola Unveiled Moto Z3 Smartphone:

Moto Z3 Unveiled With 5G Mod

This week Motorola also launched their flagship smartphone of this year, the Moto Z3. As expected from a Z series this one also has Mod support. It even supports older Mods though it has the 18:9 aspect ratio. But seems like Motorola don’t want to keep this line-up alive as they said that this is going to be the last Moto Z smartphone ever. And it’s good because due to the Mod support, Motorola has to compromise in basics like latest flagship processor and giving an year old Snapdragon 835 processor. Also the company provided only 4GB RAM option for this device in 2018, where many flagship’s base model starts from 6GB RAM. Other specs are also not so exciting. Now the question is, what will Motorola launch next year? Is their any hope that Motorola will survive in premium market where brands like OnePlus is having the monopoly? For detailed coverage on this news Click Here.

4. Honor Note 10 Unveiled:

Honor Note 10 Unveiled With 5,000 mAh Battery

After all the leaks, rumours, and teasers, the Chinese brand Huawei’s sub-brand Honor has unveiled its new flagship device called Honor Note 10. The company has launched this device by skipping the Note 9, and it is the successor of Honor Note 8 which was launched in 2016. It has all the latest piece of tech by Honor like Kirin 970 processor, Huawei’s GPU Turbo technology, and high spec camera setup. However, as the name suggests it has a massive display of 6.95 inch. Something which is still bigger in 2018. Also, apart from GPU Turbo, this device also has CPU Turbo technology which will enhance device’s overall performance like multitasking. It has a massive 5000mAh of battery which is perfect for gaming. For detailed coverage on this news Click Here.

5. Android P Might Get Announced On 20th August:

First Developer Preview Of Android P Released Here is Everything You Need To Know

Google is in their final stage to test out the upcoming Android version i.e. Android P. We all are eagerly waiting for Google to announce the stable version along with the name i.e. full form of P. Now a new leak says that Android P will get announced on 20th of August. Usually, we don’t place leaks in weekly roundup, but as it’s from a very reliable source i.e. Evan Blass, we can believe on this date. And going through Google’s track record of announcing the new Android versions, this doesn’t seem too odd because Google usually announced the name in late August. For detailed coverage on this news Click Here.

Two Mentioned News Of This Week:

So these are the Top 5 Trending News of the week and 2 mentioned news as well. What are your thoughts on these trending news? Let us know in the comment section below. This Weekly Round-up happens on every Sunday. So Stay tuned with us for more information.

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