True Guardian of Kids –TheOneSpy Android Spy App Review

True Guardian of Kids –TheOneSpy Android Spy App Review

Did you remember the old days when you were too young to differentiate what is good for you and what was bad? Then your parents might be come forward to teach you how to deal with the issues and how to explore the world. Now in the modern world, things may have changed but issues are still there no time ever before. The contemporary world has the technology and its creatures in the shape of cell phones, tablets, and pads. Every kid has the gadgets in their hands and plays online video games, most of the kids are aware of instant messaging apps and there are high chances they have accounts on these social media platforms. They may use it and do chatting, texting, sexting, posting photos without getting their parents’ permission.

Resultantly, they might encounter with the cyber bullies, victimize by stalkers, humiliated by child predators and they may get social behavior and other psychological issues. Parents need to use the ultimate and reliable kids monitoring software in order to protect their kids from all digital media dangers. However, TheOneSpy is the perfect tool to safe guards your kids with utmost care.

An over view:

The kids monitoring software is the perfect tool to protect young kids from online dangers. It has dozens of effective features which would be very helpful in order to prevent all dangers. The cell phone tracking app has the power to monitor cellphones of kids along with the complete time stamp. Parents can get information about their kid’s activities whenever they want.

You may think that the kid’s spy app may be very expensive; I would say it would be the cheapest spy app having more than 250 features and power of monitoring all trendy social messaging apps. There are following features of world’s best kid’s surveillance app.

View All IM’s Logs:

If you have some reservations that young kid is using multiple instant messengers. You can use the IM’s Social Media of the kids tracking software. It allows you to view all IM’s logs, IM’s chats, IM’s conversations and all media sharing.

Spy on text messages:

Kids are obsessed with the test messages on their phones; even do texting while walking on the roads without realizing what actually is coming in their way.

Record the sounds and make videos:

Kids often trapped by sexual predators, they may have the bad company of friends. You just need to use the bug their phone of the monitoring app. It allows you to make short videos of the surrounding through back and front camera from 15 seconds to 1 minute. You can record and listen to surroundings sounds as well through MIC Bug. The user can capture photos of the surrounds remotely and can track the location of your child in case of emergency.


View all applied keystrokes on your kid’s device. You can see password keystrokes, messenger keystrokes, and email keystrokes.

Monitor Browsing History:

The user can view the browsing history logs, bookmarked websites and even save it to the internet for a reminder.

View installed Apps:

The user can view all the installed apps by the target user.

Block Internet:

The user can block the internet remotely when he/she think something is not appropriate for their kid.

Block text messages:

You can block text messages in case your kid has addiction of text messages.

Block incoming calls from the strangers:

Parents will be able to block the all incoming calls by the stranger remotely with the help of cell phone spy app.


Without the shadow of the doubt, the kids monitoring application is the best tool to monitor kids and protect them from all dangers they are facing online through their smartphones.


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Author Bio:

Aline BLOGS at and writer at TheOneSpy Software – Computer & Cell phone monitoring app solutions for kids, teens. She mostly writes about digital parenting tips, mobile phones technology, and social media privacies for children. To know more about her follow her on Twitter @AlineCarrara7

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