Twitter launches beta testing app “twttr”

Apps will have a beta testing program to get to know more about the application before it reaches all users. There are many applications which allow the beta testing program. Now, Twitter has launched a beta testing app “twttr” which let beta tester- the person who enrolls for the beta testing program, to test upcoming Twitter features.

Twitter will roll out features only when the testers approve those after testing it in real time. “It’s kind of a new take on our thinking about product development, we know we’re making changes that are pretty significant.”  said Sara Haider, Twitter’s Director of Product Management.

The new feature includes some color codes which enable users to differentiate between a tweet’s original poster and reply from the people they follow or from whom they don’t follow. Know people replies will be highlighted in green and blue for non-followers. The first group will receive an email invite in a few days those people will be enrolled for the beta testing program. Then another email will be from Apple’s TestFlight, an online service for OTA Installation and testing of mobile applications.

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