Twitter rolls out Direct Message button which allows you to receive messages from website

Twitter rolls out new button for Direct Message feature. You can place this button on your website, and visitors of your site will able DM from your website.




The new DM from your website, will make things easier for customer support of a business site, or a public personality to receive messages from fans with less clicks.


To use this new feature, click here. Now in this page you have to enter your twitter URL, for example: And press enter, now click on twitter buttons and choose ‘Mention Button’. That’s all your button is ready for use. Just copy and paste the generated code into your website, and you have to set twitter to receive messages. Which you can configure by heading to security and privacy setting of your account.


You can also customize the button, by adding prefilled text when someone message you, you can choose language and can choose size of the button by clicking large button.


So, what’s your thoughts about the new DM button???


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