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YouTube now allows to blur objects after a upload

Sometimes we don’t
want to show private things in the video which upload on YouTube, for example:
number plate of our vehicle. If you accidentally forget to blur some part of
your video and uploaded to YouTube, then it is a huge pain because you have to
delete it, re-edit, and upload it again. Finally, YouTube understand the issue,
and has released new tool which will help to blur any objects in the video.
The new tool will
available in the enhancement menu on the desktop version of YouTube, it’s not
available for Mobile version for now. It’s really easy to use, just draw a box
around the object which you want to blur and YouTube will do the rest. You can
easily enlarge the box, re-adjust the position of the box as well as you can
change when the blur starts and stops if you want to fine tune the effect.
Hope this new tool
help you, if you guys find any problem while using this new tool post it in
comment box and I’ll be happy to help.
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