How to activate Windows 10 License with your Microsoft account

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In our previous article, we explained How to link your Windows 10 License to your Microsoft account. By linking your license, you will be able to reactive your OS easily. So, in this article we will explain the method to reactive your operating system after the changes in hardware. Here’s how to.




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If you were forced to change any hardware of your PC, and which may lead you to reinstall your Windows 10. You have to activate the Operating System after the installation. This happens because when you change hardware like motherboard, then Windows consider your PC as new one. So, let’s move to the topic. To activate your license, follow the steps:


  • Go to the Settings -> Update & Security -> Activation. You will see troubleshooter if your activation has been failed.
  • Click on the options and sign in with your Microsoft account (the account which you linked with your license).
  • Now you can tell Windows, that you have changed hardware. And you can select your PC.


Simple isn’t? but you can’t able to move your license to some other PC. If you find any trouble, then ask to us on our social media networks and we will be happy to help you.


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How to link your Windows 10 License to your Microsoft account

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