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Android Q First Beta Released

From few days we are hearing a lot about Android Q, next version of Google’s OS for smartphones. Yesterday we updated you on a leak, which suggested that Android Q First Beta is launching on 13th of March. Today they do launched the first Beta version of Android Q for all Pixel smartphones (including 1st gen Pixel phones as well). As rumored before this version of Android will be focused more on privacy and security. So without wasting anymore time, lets dive into the features of first Beta version of Android Q.

  • Enhanced Privacy Protection:

Google is focusing more on Privacy this time. With Android Q users will get more access to the privacy controls. Users will get this high level control on several sections like file-based encryption, Camera/Mic access block in background, permission to access sensitive areas on apps, runtime permission, etc. This will lead to a more protective OS without giving restrictions to the users. I hope that all these features will come with Android Q, or even can add more.

  • Accent, Font, & Icon Shape:

Finally, Google listened to the request of many Android lovers and bought accent color changing functionality in this Beta version. Users can choose between three accent colors apart from default one; Black, Green, and Purple. We can also change fonts from Google Sans Font, to Noto Serif (headers) and Source Sans Pro (body). Also with this Beta, we can change icon size into teardrop, square, or rounded design.

  • More Control Over Location:

Usually, we have location options for apps like turn on and off. With this Beta version users can get extra option of allowing location to the foreground app, not the background one. This will stop using GPS unnecessary while the app is in the background.

  • Dynamic Depth:

Portrait shots are become extremely popular with smartphones from recent years. Google excels this section with their highly optimized camera software. Now with this Android Q Beta, we will get control over the Depth of field in a photograph taken from the phone. It means a depth map from JPEG and XMP image format, which can give a clear map about the focused and defocused areas on an image.

  • Foldable Display Optimization:

We all know that the future in smartphone is foldable displays. With the foldable smartphones like Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X, seems like we will see this tech in market soon. So Google is up for the optimizations for foldable tech. There are many sections to optimize such as resuming and pausing the app while folding/unfolding the device, optimized dual resolution conversion, multi-display typing, and more.

  • Sharing Shortcuts:

Whenever we click on share button on recent Android versions, a tab with recommendable apps and persons pops-up for quicker sharing. Google stepped further this time with Sharing Shortcuts. With this feature users can customize shortcuts to share something to a particular set of persons and apps. This is like Broadcast feature, which WhatsApp has.

  • Pop-up Settings:

Usually we toggle some controls directly from notifications like Wi-Fi, mobile data, Bluetooth, and a lot more. But with Android Q we can have a pop-up settings window, which will give access to more necessary options like Wi-Fi, mobile data, display, etc. without keeping the using app in background. This looks like a handy tool for those who toggle settings more often.

So these are all the important and exciting features of first Android Q Beta. There are a lot of new features for both users as well as developers, which you can read by clicking here. If you are a Pixel user and want to try out all these latest features, head over to this link and follow the instructions. But do note that as this is the first Beta release, it will be natural to have a lot of annoying bugs within. So I suggest don’t install this Beta version on your primary smartphone, install it only if you have a Pixel device in spare.

What are your thoughts on all these new features in first Beta of Android Q? Let us know in the comment section below. Also stay tuned with us for more information.

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