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Audio Technica Ath Clr 100 Review!!! Best Budget Earphones?? Or Not!!

It’s been a while since we reviewed earphone on TechnoBugg. Back in mid-2017, we reviewed the JBL T100a earphones which performed very well. But is this the best earphone available under ₹1,000? Or there are more choices.

Over the past few years, we have seen many new earphones in the market, but one earphone became quite popular in techies i.e. ‘Audio Technica Ath Clr 100’. So, we thought that we should also do the review of the same. So, here’s the review of Audio Technica Ath Clr 100.


  • In Package Content:

Audio Technica Ath Clr 100 Review!!! Best Budget Earphones Or Not!!

There’s nothing much present in the package, just 1 pair of earphones, 3 different sizes of earbuds (including the one pre-applied on the earphones), and one reading manual. The earphones are wrapped on a circular Yo-yo type holder, which seems like a earphone holder for travel but I would prefer soft or hard pouch over this holder. The packaging is above average.


  • Built Quality:

Audio Technica Ath Clr 100 Review!!! Best Budget Earphones Or Not!!

This is the price range where we have to compromise at least for one thing, & the built is surely a compromise with these earphones. The built is pretty average, or below average would be good. It will work well for simple home use or occasional use, but for rough users and music lovers, it’s certainly a big con. The wires are very thin and get tangled very easily. Comparing these earphones with the JBL T100a, the built is very poor. A good thing here is the 3.5mm headphone jack, it is gold plated. But there’s no microphone with these earphones. Main earphones are also built-up with plastic which should make it light-weight, but that’s not the case here. But as these earphones are budget-centric earphones, we can’t complain much in regards to weight management.


  • Sound Quality:

Now, this is the most important aspect everyone sees before buying a new pair of earphones, the sound. & I would say Audio Technica completely nailed it in sound. The quality is brilliant and it’s one of those rare earphones which is better than double priced earphones. It got the purest sound in its price range. Highs, mids, and lows are perfect here. The only thing which lacks a bit here is bass. I would say the bass is present here but a bit on a lower side. Personally, for me, I prefer pure sound over the bass. But surely it’s not at all bass heavy earphones. In short, these are the best sounding earphones at this price in terms of purity.


  • Comfort:

With my experience, the comfort depends on person to person. Personally, for me, these are very uncomfortable after almost 30 minutes of use. The earphones are very heavy even it’s made up of plastic, that’s very disappointing. At the beginning, I tried other included earbuds, but that doesn’t fit properly. Then I also tried earbuds that come with other earphones, but then also they are not usable for a long time. Maybe for you, these earphones will be comfortable. I would say if you are a listener like me, who listens to music for hours, then forget about these earphones. But it would be good enough if you use for a short period of time or you take timely breaks.


  • Final Verdict:

As we have gone through all the aspects of these earphones, it’s time to know whether this earphone is for you or not? The earphones surely beat many other earphones in this price range in terms of sound purity. If you don’t need bass-heavy earphones, then you would definitely love these earphones. Talking about built, it’s surely a compromise which we have to make for this price. I would say if you are a rough user, then stay away from these earphones. If we talk about the comfort, which is the major issue with me, the earphones are horrible. I can’t listen to music for more than 30-45 minutes.

So are these earphones good for you? If you are a person for whom the sound purity matters the most, can use this pair delicately and don’t listen to music for long period, Go for It. You will not get better value if you can compromise on these cons. But if you are a rough user, needs to listen for a long period, and need bass & microphone, then I will prefer JBL T100a. Below are the ratings for each aspect of these earphones:


So, what are your thoughts on these earphones? If you already have Audio Technica Ath Clr 100, are my points correct or not? Do let me know in the comments below. Also, stay tuned to us for more reviews as well as information.


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