Difference Between Flagship And True Value Flagship Smartphones

Difference Between Flagship And True Value Flagship Smartphones

In the smartphone industry, there are many different categories of devices like Budget, Mid-Range, and Flagship. Having said that, we can also say that there is one more and it can be called as True Value Flagship. Well, today in this article, I’ll differentiate the Flagship and True Value Flagship. This will definitely help you to choose your next device especially if you are looking to buy a high-end smartphone.

What is the Flagship and True Value Flagship Smartphones

Well, let’s start with the flagship. It means the premium device of smartphone brands and it comes with few preserved features, which the company doesn’t implement in other smartphones. Moreover, the smartphone brands unveil one or two devices in a year. Speaking about the true value flagship, it is the trend which started with the Chinese brands. This category of devices comes with aggressive pricing along with head-to-head competition with the flagship smartphones. Now, let’s check out the difference between the flagship and true value flagship smartphones.

Difference between the Flagship and True Value Flagships

To differentiate between the flagship and true value flagship, we need to go through the specifications of the devices and to understand the actual difference between this two category. For flagship devices, I would like to select Samsung Galaxy S9 and Google Pixel 2 XL, and for the true value flagship devices, I would like to select the recently launched OnePlus 6 or the Honor 10.

Difference Between Flagship And True Value Flagship Smartphones


Let’s start with the design, the true flagship smartphones like Galaxy S9 and Pixel 2 XL does not come with the good designing setup. Especially, the Pixel 2 XL has the weird design. However, devices like OnePlus 6 or the Honor 10 comes with an awesome designing concert, if you look at the rear side of the Honor 10, its really stylish and it gives awesome look. The story is same on the OnePlus 6 has the glass back which also offers the stunning look.

Talking about the display, the true flagship smartphones like Pixel 2 XL or Galaxy S9 sports Quad Display. However, devices like the OnePlus 6 sports Full HD+ display. Well, to say it’s a difference but if you the device or devices, you won’t find the big difference. But the choice is yours, if prefer the higher resolution than the true flagships.

Coming to the processor, the flagship smartphones are powered with the latest and greatest Snapdragon 845 processor. And the Pixel 2 XL, Galaxy S9, OnePlus 6 are powered by the flagship processor and the Honor 10 is powered by the Kirin 970, which is equal to the Snapdragon 845, and the Kirin 970 can be found on the Huawei’s flagship like P20 Pro. Basically, the smartphone brands are competing with the processor in the flagship devices.

In terms of RAM and storage, the true value flagships have the advantage in the RAM and storage. Especially, the OnePlus 6 has the 8 GB RAM with 256 GB storage. On the other hand, the true flagships are sticking in the 6 GB RAM.

Moving to the camera, this section makes the biggest difference between the true flagships and true value flagships. As the Pixel 2 XL offers high quality images, it doesn’t mean the true value flagships like OnePlus 6 gives bad images. But yeah, true flagship devices has the upper hand.

Speaking about the software, the true flagship device like Pixel 2 XL has The upper hand, as the device gives the pure stock Android. It does not mean that the true value flagship device like OnePlus 6 don’t give good software support, it is also near stock Android but based on OxygenOS.

Another notable difference, the true value flagship device comes with IP68 certification which gives the protection from water and dust. However, the true value flagship does not give the complete protection from the water and dust. It gives protection from splashes of water but doesn’t offer the complete protection.

Finally the power department, the true value flagship devices gives more battery life compared to the true flagship devices like Galaxy S9. Which means if you prefer good battery life then the true value flagships will be the perfect match for you. However, the wireless charging technology is still restricted in the true flagship devices. That said, OnePlus 6 (which I’m considering as a true value flagship) it has the glass back and the company can able to implement to the wireless charging technology. But the company hasn’t done. So, the users of the wireless charging technology then true flagship devices will be the perfect choice for you.


In my point of view, the value flagship devices are a good choice. As those devices offer awesome features in half price of the true flagships. And yes, if you are looking for the branding and the other features like camera, wireless charging technology or the water and dust protection then the true flagship devices will be your perfect choice.

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