Facebook May Launch Smart Speakers Later This Year

Facebook Announces 50 Million Account Hacked

It seems that the social networking giant Facebook is not having a good time, the company faced a huge data scandal early in this year and that resulted GDPR and other new privacy policies. Well, now the company announced that 50 Million accounts were hacked.

The company has confirmed that 50 million users account discovered a security exploit as early as this week, which means 50 million users got hacked. That said, the company said that the hackers took advantage of the ‘View As’ feature which allows you to view your own profile as others.

Having said that, the company said that to take precaution all the effect of 50 Million users will be logged out of their accounts and they have to login again. Moreover, another 40 million users who interacted with the exploited feature will have to face the same thing to take the security measures.

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