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Here’s Best Web Hosting Provider

Here is Best Web Hosting Provider

A website is the most important factor of the current digital world as if you’re running a shop or a big business, you require a website to get the visibility and also to gain the ultimate growth and success. For any website hosting is the most important factor, right now we have various kinds of hosting providers and this creates huge confusion between the users. Every website owner looks for the best and affordable plans and for that they search a lot and asks many people, and here at TechnoBugg, we also getting lots of inquiries for the affordable web hosting plans and providers. So, in this article, I’ll cover the topic and I hope that this article will handy for you to find your appropriate web hosting plan.

Introducing Blue Geek Hosting, the Indian based company and offers the best service and support. It has affordable pricing and rock solid web hosting service to give you the solution to keep your presence online. Let’s check out the plans, price, and the services which the company provides to the users.


The company offers a huge number of plans which means users can select their plan according to their pocket and their budget, it offers eight plans. And these are grouped in three tires i.e. Standard, Advance, and Ultimate, the names of the plans explain the ability, power, and services. In this way, users can able to select your desired plans without any worry and confusion in their mind and you can able to make your presence on the Internet quickly.


Speaking about the pricing, it is really groundbreaking. As the company offers web hosting plans to the users as low as ₹20 per month which means you can able to make your website live for just ₹20 per month, and the top level plan of the company costs ₹500 per month where you will get a huge amount of resources. Moreover, all the plans give free SSL. You can check out the company details of each and every plan by heading over the link.


A web hosting provider should be taken care of the security and it is the most vital thing for the users who go online, as we know that the internet has hackers everywhere and they are always looking into every single domain to get into it and do unwanted activities. Well, the users of the Blue Geek Hosting don’t need to worry about any kind of security issues, as the company provides the best and strongest security. Moreover, it has the 24/7 online support system which means if there is any kind of issue you can ping the authorities and they will be available at your fingertip to help you and assist you.


The company is the perfect destination for every person who wants to host their website online, as it has a variety of platforms including the popular WordPress, which means you can purchase the hosting plan and install your desired platform to go online without any kind of hesitation.


The company also provides discount offers for the people who purchase the hosting plans, and if you are going to purchase a plan from this website then you can use the promo code “5OFF” and get the instant discount.


So, Blue Geek Hosting is the best and cheapest hosting provider in the country and it will be the perfect match for the guys who are going online for the first time or for a startup company. I hope that this article will be helpful for you and now you can able to purchase the desired hosting plan for your business without any confusion and worries. If you guys have any kind of doubts or require any help then don’t hesitate to drop it in the comment section below, we will be happy to help you.

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