Mid-range Pixel Codenamed As Bonito

Mid-range Pixel Codenamed As Bonito

Late in last weekend, we came through a report which said that the Mountain View company Google is working on a mid-range Pixel and it could be powered by the Snapdragon 710 processor. Well, now we got another information about the same device and it is from the same person who revealed the information of the processor.

According to popular leakster Roland Quandt, the upcoming mid-range Pixel smartphone is codenamed as “Bonito”. If you check the word Bonito on Wikipedia, then you will realize that the naming is perfect. As the Wikipedia says, bonitos are β€œa tribe of medium-sized, ray-finned predatory fish in the family Scombridae, which means its the perfect name for a mid-range smartphone.

Apart from this, there is no other information is available at this moment. It is worth to mention that the first and second generation of Pixel devices were also codenamed with a fish name and this time also the mid-range Pixel device is codenamed as a fishy name. Well, we are too far away from the device and we can take all this information as a pinch of salt.

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