Say Hello To Vivo APEX, A Concept Smartphone

Say Hello To Vivo APEX, A Concept Smartphone

The Chinese smartphone brand Vivo continuously making a sensation, as in last month the company unveiled the world’s first In-Display fingerprint scanner smartphone called Vivo X20 UD. Well, now the company has presented a concept smartphone called Vivo APEX and the device will change the entire imagination of smartphone, and you will desire to have the device in reality soon.

As I mentioned above, that the device is a concept smartphone which makes it is still in the development stages. And the device is not only a smartphone but it is something like a gadget which we have seen in the Sci-Fi movies of Hollywood. With the Vivo APEX smartphone, you don’t need to put your finger on a specified area to unlock the device, as the device is coming with half screen In-Display fingerprint scanner which means you can touch your finger anywhere on the bottom-half screen to unlock the device. Cool isn’t???

Moreover, the device is coming with 8 megapixel elevating front facing camera, which will starts in 0.8 second from the top when you want to capture a selfie or to make a video call and it will close once you have finished the task. And the sensors like proximity, ambient light and the earpiece will be hidden on this concept smartphone. Now the thing which I’m going to say will make you in love with the device, as the company bringing SoundCasting Technology in this device. It can transform the FullView display into a speaker, which means the technology will produce vibrations through the display to emit audio. And the company says, this is not only the power efficient but also reduces the space of speaker, as with this technology the company can avoid adding speaker to the device on the front side.

Coming to the bezels of the smartphone, it has 1.8 mm on three sides- top, left, and right sides of the device, but the bottom bezel of the device is 4.3 mm. But the company wants to trim down to 1.8 mm to achieve the screen-to-body ratio of more than 98%. This is just awesome, there is no other word in my mind to describe the device.

That’s not the end, as the company is keeping something more with the device. The company also plans to free up internal storage of the device by using System in Package technology. So, now we can only wait for more information about the device and hope that Vivo could able to unveil the smartphone in reality very soon.


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