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How to stop autoplay video on YouTube

Everyone browse YouTube to watch videos, and on YouTube when a video ends it automatically load another video. So, in this How to article, we will show you how to stop autoplay video on YouTube on Android, iOS and Desktop.




The autoplay feature is enabled by YouTube by default on both desktop and mobile platforms. So, you you have to toggle in the settings on every device you use. So, here is how to.


To disable autoplay on mobile platforms, whether it is Android or iOS. You have to load a video and then find the option ‘autoplay’, (we showing the image below) just disable it then the autoplay will not work again. If you didn’t find the toggle option on your YouTube application then you have to update your app.





To turn off the autoplay option on YouTube website on your desktop, there is a toggle option similar which is in mobile device. Just disable it to stop autoplay of a video.




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