Few tips to improve Wi-Fi connectivity

Few tips to improve Wi-Fi connectivity

Wi-Fi is the most important development in the evolution of Internet, no one wants to be restricted at desktop. As with the Wi-Fi we can connect as many devices and no need to stick at a particular position. But sometimes Wi-Fi also frustrates, when it doesn’t give good reception etc. However, after reading this article you will Wi-Fi more happily.


Find the perfect place for your Router


To get signals properly and without any interpretation, you should keep the router in a place where it doesn’t have obstruction. It should be placed in open area or hang it on the wall, and should not be placed near any electronic items such as TV. And the most important thing, you should place your router in the centre of the room. With you will get better connectivity across the home or office.


Position of the Antenna


The placement of antenna is yet another most important factors of the Wi-Fi router issues, if you don’t position it properly then you will face connectivity issue. Don’t scratch your head, it is really easy to do. You should point the antenna perpendicularly, for stronger signals. So, if your router has two antennas then position it perpendicularly and use Internet without any interpretation.


Increase the security


Security of Wi-Fi is the most important factor, as it can be use by anyone because the router has a decent amount of range and it increases the chance of getting access by others i.e. neighbors. So, you should tighten the security of your network. If your router is new, then you should change the password immediately and the password should be stronger. Read this article to make your password stronger. Moreover, enable WPA2 password protection on your Wi-Fi network.


You can also hide your SSID (your network name) for an extra protection, by doing so you have to type your network name manually as it is hidden. You can enable the feature in the firmware setting of your router.


Restart the Router


If you are a guy who uses the router for a long period of time, and after certain period of time you are facing issues like slowing down the speed then it is because of the router. And you should restart the router at least once a day to solve this issue.


Try these tips and you will realize the change, if you have any issues don’t hesitate to post it in the comments section below. I’ll be happy to help you.


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