Yahoo Kills Its Messenger

Yahoo Kills Its Messenger

Yahoo Messenger, one of the first instant messaging platform where we all started to share our small and big moments with our near and dear ones. As it was the only platform where we can chat instantly, before the arrival of instant messaging applications and other kinds of online services.

Well, today Oath- the Verizon owned and thus owned Yahoo has today announced that Yahoo Messenger will be shut down both the web and mobile app in a little over a month- on July 17. And in this way, the company is ending an era and also the memories of many people (like me) who started their internet journey with the Yahoo Messenger.

If you are not belonging to the 90’s, which can as the ‘Golden Generation’, then you may not aware of the Yahoo Messenger. It was launched on March 9, 1998, as Yahoo Pager, and then the company rebranded it on June 21, 1999, as Yahoo Messenger. It was just an awesome experience to chat in those times as we don’t even have the much internet connectivity at that time, and now after 20 years, the company is going to shut down the Messenger. As I’m the part of the 90’s, I have my nostalgic memories with the Yahoo Messenger.

Well, if you want to download the chat history then it is possible for the next six months, and you can use a tool by heading over the link to make a memory of the chats in your hard disk.