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Qualcomm Unveils Chipsets For IoT Products

The popular chipset makers Qualcomm always develop chipsets for smartphones, which gives superior performance and battery life. Well, the chipset makers unveil two new chips, but, the new chipsets are not for any flagship smartphones. However, the all new chips are made specially for the Internet of Things (IoT) products.

The company has unveiled the Qualcomm Vision Intelligence Platform, and under this new brand Qualcomm unveiled two new chipsets – QCS605 and QCS603. Well, it is worth to mention that these two SoC’s are first in the category IoT products.

Both the new chipsets are 10nm chips and both of them have the power to run the products such as autonomous vehicles, action cameras, security systems, and robots. Moreover, the company has focused on artificial intelligence and machine learning to make the chips more powerful and also power-efficient.

Having said that, many of these features are already supported in flagship devices with the Vision Intelligence Platform which includes the major graphics APIs, 4K video recording at 60fps, to integrate with the virtual assistants and more.

So, let’s hope that the new chipsets of Qualcomm will give more products in smart homes, or in other words, the IoT products. And as we know the Chinese brand Huawei gearing into this segment with its arm HiSilicon. Well, now the stage is set for a new series of a fight for the dominance in the IoT segment.

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