SoundMagic E10C Review Justified Over Price

SoundMagic E10C Review: Justified Over Price

So we are back with another review of the earphone. In the past, we reviewed two earphones, SoundMagic ES18S and Audio Technica Ath Clr 100. Both these earphones are good in their price bracket i.e. below ₹1,000/- mark. Well, now today we are going to review earphone that is priced higher than these, and so does the expectations are also higher. Today we are reviewing another SoundMagic earphone i.e. SoundMagic E10C. This pair comes in sub ₹2,000 price range. So now let’s start the review of SoundMagic E10C.


  • In Package Content:

These pair of earphones comes in a cardboard box which is solid enough to protect the new feel of the earphones. Opening up the box we find the earphones wrapped in a piece of foam. Now taking this piece of foam out, we will find a solid case for the earphones. This is a solidly built case with a chain that gives a very cool look and also while traveling this case protects the earphones very well. Now, in this case, we get a hand full of accessories for these earphones. Total content in the box are mentioned below:

  • 1 pair of SoundMagic E10C earphones.
  • 1 carrying pouch.
  • 7 pair of earbuds in different sizes. (6 in the pouch, 1 on earphones)
  • 1 Female 3.5mm headphone jack.
  • 1 Computer connector.
  • 1 Attachment clip.


SoundMagic E10C Review Justified Over Price

All these accessories are good quality ones and we didn’t find any flaws in any of these while testings. Generally, we don’t get to see this much of accessories with any earphones in this price range. So thumbs up to SoundMagic for providing all these stuff in the package itself.

  • Build Quality:

Now coming to the build quality of this earphone, I would say this is one of the most solid but very lightweight earphones I ever used. This pair of the earphone is available in four different colour options i.e. Gunmetal, Black Gold, Black Blue, and Black Red. Here we have the Gunmetal colour variant which looks stunning and classic. But as always the colour is personal preference, so won’t say much here. This is made up of a good quality plastic with a great metallic finish on top which feels very premium while wearing.

SoundMagic E10C Review Justified Over Price

SoundMagic E10C Review Justified Over Price

SoundMagic E10C Review Justified Over Price


The buds are also very soft and as this comes with a variety of buds, you can easily get the one which will match your ears. The wire is also made up of very good quality which looks and feels very premium. This is a braided cable which will last in some rough use as well. The headphone jack is a 3.5mm jack which is gold plated and has a quality built. Also, the 3.5mm jack is fixed in an angular way with the wire, as you can see from the given images. So I can say that SoundMagic has done a very good job in term of built quality.

  • Sound Quality:

Now let’s talk about the most important factor of an earphone, the sound quality. At first I expected these to be a slight upgrade from SoundMagic ES18S, which costs half the price of these. But after testing it for around 10 days, I would say that it’s not a minor upgrade, but a pretty good upgrade.

This earphone is very crisp and clear to listen, and every beat as well as the instrument is easily listenable and is very detailed. The mids, lows, as well as highs, are very good and you will not miss any tune while listening with this earphone. It’s not for a bass lover because this one has a balanced amount of bass, not too much. The vocals are also very clear and are balanced with music very perfectly. The noise cancellation is good enough. It’s not too good and that’s good actually, because as I daily travel in public transport the total noise cancellation will be harmful for me.

Though I didn’t reviewed Sennheiser CX 275s and Mi in-ear Pro earphones, but as I have listened to them for quite some time, I can clearly say that this one is better than Sennheiser CX 275s. Regarding Mi in-ear Pro, the bass is a bit high on them as compared to E10C, but their lows don’t satisfied me as much as E10C. Overall both earphones are pretty awesome but E10C goes a bit ahead because of better low frequency. Coming back to E10C, in short note, I can say that the sound quality really impressed me a lot.

  • Comfort:

This is one of the most important point of an earphone which most of us ignores while purchasing them, the comfort level. Here I would just say that this is the best earphone I ever used in terms of comfort. After choosing the right earbud from a variety of options, I find this earphone to be the most comfortable earphone I ever used. This bullet type earphone fits perfectly in the ears (with appropriate earbud) and didn’t drop easily. I usually travel in public transports while wearing this earphone and trust me, this earphone is very comfortable throughout my whole travel. In rush to the earphone didn’t drop easily and was very comfortable. The clip provided within the box is also quite useful sometimes. Kudos to SoundMagic for this much comfort level.

  • Final Words:

So as we covered all the pointers of this earphone, it’s time for the final words on whether this earphone is good for you or not. If we compare the pros and cons, surely the cons are lot lesser than pros. This earphone has a good built quality, a handful of accessories, superb and clear sound quality, and the comfort level is on-par. But talking about few negative points (which are very few), this earphone is not for a heavy bass lover. For those, I would prefer the Mi in-ear Pro or those Sony Xtraa Bass earphones are good options. Also regarding fitting and comfort level, this earphone is surely not for those whom the angular ones suit better. Apart from these few and minor cons, this earphone is surely a beast. I will prefer this earphone to those who want a bunch of accessories, needs pure sound, uses for hours, and needs to travel.

This is going to be my daily driver for sure. This is a good value for money if you can get these around Rs.1,600 to Rs.1,800 or a great deal if you can get it for Rs.1,500 during the festival sales. Talking about the availability, this earphone is officially available from company’s official website, but there you will find it for Rs.3,499 which is too high for this one. But this is also officially available from Amazon India, so buy from here only.

Now, what are your thoughts on this earphone after reading this review? Are you interested in buying this? If you already have one, is your experience same as mine or it’s different? Do let us know in the comment section below. Also, stay tuned with us for more information.


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SoundMagic E10C











  • Solid & premium built
  • Very comfortable
  • Perfect mids, lows, and highs
  • Cristal clear sound


  • Bass could have been better
  • Beast if priced at 1500, but still very good for the same

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